A Prophetic View Into 2012
By Jacquie Tyre

2012 is going to be a year of increase. Increase of authority, increase of restoration, increase of favor, increase of revelation, increase of warfare, increase of vision, increase of necessity to trust solely upon Me. This will be a year of persevering worship, intercession, and faith. It will be a great year, but not one of ease. Remember that ease rarely produces anything of value. It is under heat and pressure that diamonds are formed, and so it is in My Kingdom.

If My people will set their faces like flint to worship, seek and follow the leading of My Spirit in constancy and strength, they shall see the greatest outpouring of My grace in power that the earth has seen in many years. It is a new era, but remember the new is a restoration of what I have intended from the beginning. I am looking for a people who will not waver when things become difficult, but for the love of Christ and the revelation of Calvary will press on toward My calling and stand firm no matter what obstacles the devil and the world's systems of thinking and operation throw up in your path. My grace is sufficient.....always has been and always will be.

Dream big.

Open your heart to dream big dreams with Me. Remove from your thinking that which would limit what I can do through you.... Do not look at your lack, look at My all sufficiency.

Open your heart to compassion with power. Believe Me, and know that through compassion opening the door many shall be reached, not simply with the needs of physical life being met but with the power of My love that meets the real needs of lives being tossed to and fro by the winds and waves of this age.

Watch, look, listen, hear sounds of heaven and cries of earth coming together in a symphony of My power. For when the sounds of heaven meet the cries of earth bridged by My people filled with compassion and faith, a release of My power breaks in and breaks out in a display of My Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. When prayers are wed together with action true intercession that causes an intersection of heaven and earth.. an interruption of heaven's love and power into earth's brokenness and need.

Build, establish, and fuel the altar of worship. Know that a portal is opening but is not yet where it needs to be. Increase the worship with hours and even days of worship, saturate the atmosphere with Sounds of Worship, Praise and Proclamation of My Glory. 

Cultivate intimacy. Avoid substitutes. Pursue authenticity in everything you all that you are as an individual and as corporate expressions of My Ekklesia in the earth today.

Order your days according to the rhythm of My heart and you will see great and mighty things. Believe and be. Listen and obey. Be still and know. Stand and advance. Develop and cultivate the rhythm of work and rest, of rest into your days and sabbath into your weeks. This is my order and it is the pattern of life, fruitfulness, multiplication, and dominion.

Develop both an understanding and faithful practice of kingdom economics. Know that my system of economy and finances is not as the world system purports it to be. Kingdom economics operates out of sowing and reaping, giving, generosity and faith. It is a system of stewardship that flows out of vision that lines up with my purposes and intentions for the times and seasons that you are assigned and given to live in. Obedience and faithfulness and keys to unlock the provision of My Kingdom. There is no lack of provision in My Kingdom, only a lack of proper use of the keys to unlock that which is available to you.

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In trying times it is important that we align - or realign - our words (both spoken and written), our thoughts, and our beliefs to line up with the Word of God. When things gets tough we must guard our hearts from agreeing with anything that is contrary to what God has spoken in His Word and prophetically. This article provides some solid Biblical truths to help us align with God during trying times.
The Lord is rekindling an awakening of the Spirit of Intercession in the Body through the telling of the old, old stories of His displaying the love, mercy, grace and power of Christ throughout the ages. We have entered into a season to "recover" all that has been lost, stolen, or left behind in our families, communities and nations. It is time for a fresh fire to burn within the people of God today with a passionate desperation for the promises of the Lord to come forth in power. Read, rehearse, pray, and share the stories of old believing that our God will yet do it again in our day.
The Lord began to speak about His weaving of a tapestry in these days that will reveal the Glory of the Lord as we come together from various streams in humility to seek His face and do His will. The tapestry He is weaving is glorious. . .
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