Tapestry of the Lord

Last Tuesday night (3/12) during corporate intercession, Holy Spirit began showing me a beautiful blue, white, silver & gold tapestry being woven together as apostolic voices from different streams begin to share what the Lord has been depositing into them. The tapestry was stunning in texture. The colors of the various strands woven together created incredible beauty as the depths, nuances, and contrast of colors came together as one. There was no distinction of the individual colors, just the magnificence of the tapestry. 

Then, last Wednesday (3/13), I was privileged to participate in two separate apostolic roundtable discussions, and experienced the Lord weaving His tapestry as we shared. There was a weaving of relationship which provides the strength and foundation to the tapestry. The relationships are two-fold in nature. First, each one clearly walks in a deep intimate relationship with the Lord. Then, as we shared there was genuine, open, authentic relationship between us that demonstrates humility, respect, honor and love. 

Secondly, there was the wonder of revelation as we shared together. Revelation of Christ and of the Kingdom, revelation of Holy Spirit and the Word, revelation of The Church - the Ekklesia of God and of His apostolic purposes and ways in the earth today. Revelation of our constant need for the Lord's guidance and of our need to walk this journey together with each other. Revelation that is born out of both the Word of God and our experience with the Lord. 

Then, on Thursday morning, as I was waking up, I heard the Lord say again, "I am weaving a tapestry in this hour that will display the Glory of the Lord in the earth."   

He went on to say, "I have given you a glimpse of what I am doing and a taste of how I am weaving by bringing together those I choose to be woven together in such a way that a greater measure of My fullness is revealed in the earth. Watch to see the divine relationships and connections that I will bring in the days ahead. Add these to those that I have brought and watch Me move some from one place of connection to another. Some that were close will be moved to some distance away, and some that were a far off will be brought near. Remember, each are a part of the broader tapestry, moved by My hand to create the nuances of depth, texture and wonder to increasingly reveal the majesty of My Kingdom." 

"I am doing something new in the earth in this season that requires flexibility to the moving of My hand, authenticity of relationships with Me and with each other, and integrity of revelation that is tried and tested by My Word, My Ways, and in the counsel of those of faith. It is an hour of My people learning to move in cadence with My voice and with one another. It is an hour for the Church to rise as One, to learn to walk in the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, and to come together without regard to division. will see My glory covering the earth as the waters cover the seas. The tapestry I am weaving in this hour will cover and reveal My glory to all the earth." 

Jacquie Tyre, March 14,  2013
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