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After making it full circle around the State of Georgia, we are coming back into Savannah, this time with special guests, CHUCK PIERCE and DUTCH SHEETS to set the PLOW deep into the soil that has been softened and prepared across the state out of this origination place for the State of Georgia. 

In January 2019 the Lord spoke to Chuck Pierce and said "It's Time to Plow." In response to this Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets have been scheduling meetings throughout the United States, Region by Region to:

  • Prepare the land for awakening
  • Restore God's creative power
  • Activate the anointing to birth the future 


-- Friday Night ONLY in Savannah - 7pm

-- Event Location: Reborn Nation 6924 GA-17, Bloomingdale, GA 31302

$25.00 registration, includes an MP3 download link that will be sent after the event. 

CHILDCARE will be available for $5 per child ages 5 and under. Registration Required so we can have the sufficient amount of workers prepared. 

SUGGESTED HOTE: Night of November 15 

Best Western Plus 155 Bourn Avenue Pooler, GA 31322

  • Call to Book: 912-330-0330
  • Ask for Group Rate:  CityGate Atlanta Church/Kairos Transformation Ministries 

Last Date to Book: Friday, October 25 

  • Suite: King Bed with Pull Out Sofa -- Rate: $99 
  • Suite: 2 Queen Beds with Pull Out Sofa -- Rate: $99 . 


Georgia Trail of Fire & Glory 2019

A Journey of Worship, Intercession, and Prophetic Revelation Igniting Fires of Awakening to Usher in the Glory of the Lord

For the Trail of Fire & Glory we will going to 5 key places to gather across the State of Georgia. Clay Nash, at the direction of the Lord, has committed to being a part of these 5 gatherings, and we are in counsel together with the Lord in planning and preparation. Our goal is to connect with and partner with leaders in the Body of Christ from region to region in order to welcome the King of Glory into our state and contend to see the fire of His presence and power burning brightly all across the state.


he prophetic word from Clay Nash was a strong word of confirmation and served as a trigger as to the timing of a direction the Lord had begun speaking to me about in 2015.  At the time, I knew we had to pray into the word and watch for the Lord's time to implement.  

What Holy Spirit had spoken was to go construct a Trail of Fire and Glory along key places of the Railway System across the State of Georgia by gathering from place to place for worship, intercession, and the release of prophetic declarations welcoming the King of Glory from region to region to region.  I saw each location as a tent peg being positioned in the state in the four corners and the final center pole being erected in downtown Atlanta near the Capitol - and I saw the Georgia Freight Depot.

Clay Nash’s word, below, was released during our Regional NEI Conference, “Ekklesia Rising” with speakers Tim Sheets, Don Lynch, Clay Nash and me; and provided the timing for what God had planted in my spirit some three years ago. 

June 7, 2018  

Ap. Clay Nash 

As Tim (Sheets) was ministering I saw a vision…and I saw... not just Atlanta... I saw the state of Georgia like a large iceberg. And I asked Him, “Lord, what is that about?” And I heard the Lord say, “The fire that’s coming is going to thaw out what I’ve had in a deep freeze for such a time as this.”  The Lord said, “I’m about to release a fire into Georgia that will cause things that have been frozen to begin to not only thaw out . . . they’re going to be activated . . . there’s going to be a freshness about what is coming,” says the Lord, “that will cause those who have become lukewarm . . . those who have lost their appetite . . . those who have lost their vision . . . to begin to hunger again,” says the Lord. “For I am going to release an anointing in this new era upon the state of Georgia,” says God, “that will cause those who have lost their way to desire to find their way anew again. . . And I will bring out of that ‘deep freeze’ an activation of release of an anointing,” says the Lord. “And I’ll move into that place.” 

The Lord said, “Watch and see if I don’t construct through this woman of God (speaking to Jacquie Tyre) and the team (team at CityGate Atlanta) here a Trail of Fire around the state of Georgia.” The Lord said, “I will take 5 Key Places and I will begin to send those who are hungry . . . they who are hungering. Those that will go will first begin to pray; for even in this hour, the former rain has begun to come,” says the Lord. “And that which has been hardened in this state is now being softened . . . and as it is softened, I will send the latter rains,” says the Lord, “and with that latter rain, get ready to begin to see undeniable evidence that will come forth out of the state of Georgia that will begin to tie together and mesh together the words that have been spoken both apostolicly and prophetically over this state. . .  People of Georgia, it’s time to stand tall . . . it’s time to stand tall . . . it’s time to stand tall. IT’S TIME TO STAND TALL! It’s time to yield and stand tall.” 

June 8, 2018,  Clay Nash: 

I hear the Lord saying, “My workers, My angels are laying the tracks for the Glory Train to be released in Georgia.”  the Lord said, “The reason they’re laying new tracks is because this train, filled with Glory is going to go to places where there’s not been any tracks laid before.”  He’s driving the stakes….they’re laying the tracks….because there’s a new release of Glory coming into the state of Georgia. even as the trail of fire is done . . .the prophets of Baal that are in Georgia are going to come out and challenge you.”  But the Lord said, “I give you covenant that I will answer by fire,” says the Lord. 

God is laying a new track is because the old train was a slavery train.  It was a train that enslaved you to a duty.  It was a train that enslaved you to a ritual.  It was a train that enslaved you to a bondage.  But the Glory Train that’s now having a track laid for it is going to be a Train of Freedom. . . a Train of Liberty.  And, part of this sound that you hear are those that have been. . . had chains put on them to religion, and the chains are being broken. 

Trail of Fire and Glory kicking off in Savannah at Purim 2019 (March 22-23) (SE). 

Final comment:  It is my heart’s desire and commitment that through this Trail of Fire and Glory initiative that relationships will be made and developed for Kingdom purposes over many years to come. For the fire and glory of God’s reviving, awakening, transforming, and reforming power to be ignited and fanned, we will need move together in love and honor, for the Lord and one another, with each one doing the portion God has assigned so that His purposes are advanced. 

I look forward to partnering with each one of you for His glory! 

Jacquie Tyre

Kairos Transformation Ministries 

Ephesians 4:16 TPT  For his “body” has been formed in his image and is closely joined together and constantly connected as one. And every member has been given divine gifts to contribute to the growth of all; and as these gifts operate effectively throughout the whole body, we are built up and made perfect in love.

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