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By Jacquie Tyre
This book takes you on a journey toward the fullness of Jesus Christ, and the revival you desire. Ready for Revival was originally written by Kairos Transformation founder and president, Jacquie Tyre, as a prayer, fasting, and repentance initiative for c...[MORE]
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Activating the Prophetic

All throughout the book,there are examples of ways God speaks and how our obedience is key to fulfilling our destiny through Jesus, especially in shar...[MORE]

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Chosen: The Footsteps of Patrick

This CD features prayers and historical proclamations, based on the life of St Patrick and the move of worship, prayer, and training that swept Europe,set to Celtic instrumental and vocal music. Featuring Kevin Sambrook, pastor of Love Covenant Church, Belfast, and Liz Clark, vocalist, from Northern Ireland. [MORE]

Price: $10.00