Taking the High Places Report
By Jacquie Tyre

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Taking the High Places Report

February 29-March 1, 2008

A Historical Perspective

In late 2006, the Lord released a directive word through Prophet Chuck Pierce that  set us on a journey to tear down the high places that have held this region captive for generations.  This journey has had us engage in a number of components over the last eighteen months, and more are coming! 
Our first step, in this assignment, was to travel “to Stonehenge and sever the leyline from there to those stones (Guidestones) up in the north of your state and break the reproach of alignment with Stonehenge - get your state free from under that thing.” This was accomplished when members of our team were privileged to participate in the Celtic Prayer Journey, concluding with a stop at Stonehenge for us to accomplish the assignment of the Lord.
Our next step was to go on-site to the Georgia Guidestones to sever the line connection and accomplish the intercession and warfare the Lord had strategically given us insight to do.  This was accomplished the weekend of June 1-2, 2007, as a team of 16 traveled to strategic points to make declarations and decrees, and to perform prophetic acts in obedience to Holy Spirit. 
The Lord showed Himself strong during our time there confirming with amazing signs and wonders.  Here are some examples:
Some participants in a nearby pagan festival showed up while we were there.  The first group left quickly as we prayed quietly declaring that they had to leave.  The second group, however, was larger and more intent on staying.  At the direction of the Lord, we sounded the shofars and they prompted got into their motor home and left.
One of the prophetic acts was to bury stones from the Celtic Prayer Journey on the land as a testimony of the mighty acts and power of the Lord (Joshua 24:27), then pour on salt water for cleansing and covenant (the water came from the ocean at Iona - a Celtic apostolic center from the 5th century), place communion elements in the ground as a sign of establishing the covenant of the Lord, and pour out anointing oil to represent the anointing of Holy Spirit to take back the high place of worship to the Lord God Almighty.  As the team dug places for the stones, in three of the four locations chosen, at the base of the Guidestones, elements of pagan worship were uncovered - a gold coin, a small coffin-like box with a dead bird inside, and a small cremation urn with ashes inside.  At the fourth location, while nothing was found buried, there was a burned corn-cob found nearby.  These represented finances, false/counterfeit sacrifice, spirit of death, and the produce of the land. 
The Lord had instructed us to bring along rain gear because He was going to release the rains as a sign that we had done what He commanded.  As we completed our assignment at the Guidestones, the rains came and we were grateful for the umbrellas!
One more very significant sign was that as we gathered on June 1, to corporately raise a canopy of praise over the state as a covering for the strategic assignment to the Guidestones, Hurricane Barry entered into the state and released the rains that were pivotal to the extinguishing of the wildfires that had been ravaging the southeastern part of the state since mid-April. Incidentally, the name “Barry” is a Celtic word which means “Point of the Spear!”  God released the point of the spear as we had obediently gone to unlock the Celtic revivals of the past to be loosed in our day.  Let the fires of revival come!
(For Full 2007 Celtic Prayer Journey Report, click here)

War Council
To accomplish the next phase of the Lord’s assignment to free our state and region from the reproach of alignment with Stonehenge and the Baal structures, a war council of apostolic and prophetic leaders was convened.  These leaders all carry unique and specific anointings of authority to deal with land issues, particularly in this territory.  The War Council included: Ap. Jay & Joan Swallow, Ap. John Benefiel, Ap. Negiel Bigpond, Ap. Diane Buker (FL), Ap. Billy Joe & Ruthie Young (MS), Ap. Jacquie Tyre, Ap. Venessa Battle, Ap. Bradley White, Ap. Mark Hawkins, and apostolic intercessor, Deborah Landwerlen. 
Ap.Swallow, Benefiel, and Bigpond gave us instruction and additional insight for dealing with ancient roots of defilement on the land, particularly related to Baal worship and the Native American role of repentance and authority to dismantle and bind Baal from operation. Instructions and strategies for going forward were also discussed.  
After a time of intercession to prepare for the evening service and the next day’s initiative, we entered into a season of impartation and anointing.  Dr. Swallow anointed and mantled our team to walk in the authority on the land that the Lord has commissioned him to walk in. He declared that the Lord had released him to release this to us. The privilege and responsibility of this mantle was released with the glory of the Lord.

In keeping with the understanding of honor related to those in authority, and the key to receiving a prophet’s reward in receiving a prophet, we presented each of our guests with gifts of welcome and blessing as they came into our territory.  The Lord clearly guided the choice of gifts as each one had prophetic significance.
In addition to gifts representative of Georgia, we gave art work done by Prophetic Artist Leslie Marks. To Apostles Swallow and Benefiel it was the pictures of the war horses and the sons of thunder; to Ap. Negiel Bigpond, it was the eagle rising over the lush land of many water; to Diane Buker, it was also that of a war horse sent into battle; and to the Young’s, it was a picture depicting the restoration of the Lord. 
By making public declaration of our receiving these men and women of God as gifts from the Lord, we opened the door for the blessings of the Lord to flow unhindered to accomplish all that was needed for this assignment.  God’s men and women were honored, and He, in turned, honored all of our efforts with a release of His blessings, and favor over the weekend’s activities.

Establishing Covenant

Apostle Negiel Bigpond shared how he had, for years, walked in covenant with Apostle John Benefiel, but that he had never been released by the Lord to enlarge that relationship by officially “adopting Apostle John into the Yuchee tribe of the Creek Indians.”  However, in preparations for this weekend in Georgia, he had felt released of the Lord, and had gained permission of the tribal leadership to accept Apostle John Benefiel into the Yuchee tribe.  Apostle Negiel presented Apostle John with a special ring to commemorate this occassion, and then, he and Apostle Jay prayed over  him.  It was a powerful moment -- history making. 
Additional reports came on the progress of the Resolution of Apology to Native Americans from the government of the United States.  The House of Representatives has passed the measure as an amendment to the Native American Health Care Bill, which coincidentally, does not allow for any the affiliated federal funding to be used to perform abortions!  This bill still must pass the US Senate, and remains a point of intercession.
God is at work and restoration hope is rising.

Taking Down the High Places 
 While a team of 40-50 worshipping warrior intercessors gathered at NE Metro Christian Fellowship to stand watch and engage in intercession, a team of state, regional, national and international leaders went on-site to fulfill the mandate of the Lord to wage war against the ancient powers that had been imbedded in the land as places of worship to Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan.
The first stop was at the Cherokee’s “Center of the Earth” monument near Hartwell, Georgia, where Ap. Jay led out in a prayer of repentance for the ancient iniquities of the Cherokee people who had inhabited the land in previous times and in intercession for the ensuing curses to be broken.  This was done with the blessing and authorization of Cherokee tribal leaders with whom he has relationship and had requested the right to do this on the behalf of their people. Ap. Jay and Jacquie poured out wine on the land in a prophetic act of cleansing and rededication of the land to the Lord God Almighty.  Then they released declarations of blessing and breakthrough over the region from this place of ancient significance.
Next, the team proceeded to the Georgia Guidestones, sometimes also known as “America’s Stonehenge.”  This was our primary assignment, knowing that Native American and national apostolic authority was needed to obtain a greater measure of breakthrough.  After the corners of the monument property were staked and set apart unto the Lord, we gathered to commence with our time of intercession and warfare.  Again, Ap. Jay gave some preliminary instruction to secure that we were all operating in one accord. 
Diane Buker, who had been praying into this situation for years and had received clear revelation from the Lord regarding the primary role of the Queen of Heaven over this high place, led out in powerful intercession to loose the region from her power and influence. She commanded the release of the children who were held captive, and cried out for humility to rise as a powerful weapon to overthrow the diabolical pride associated with this demonic power. 
Ap. Jay then led out to battle against Baal, through repentance, renunciation, and apostolic declarations of decrees with authority that was clearly backed by the edict of heaven.  He took the apostolic authority that the Lord has given to bind and break the power that Baal had exerted over Georgia and the Southeast.  He dealt with the unholy trio of Baal, Queen of Heaven, and Leviathan, along with the Baal structures that operate under his domain.
As we concluded what God had commanded, two young men came up to visit the Guidestones.  We asked them to take pictures for our group, which they graciously did.  The immediate fruit we saw was as these two men were engaged in conversation with members of our team sharing and ministering to them.  One of the young men prayed to return to the Lord and received prophetic encouragement to pursue the destiny the Lord had revealed when he was a young boy.  Diane Buker declared afterwards, “this is the fruit of the Queen of Heaven giving up her captives!”
As we prepared to leave, the Lord released a new sound of the Lord in a victory shout.  Indeed, the Victory of the Lord has come!

Divorce Decree with Baal Released
Apostle John Benefiel gave insight into the ways of Baal, and to the legal process of filing the declarations of divorce against the defendant (Baal) by the plaintiff (the Church), and the necessity of the writ of divorce being decreed by the court of heaven for the divorce to be finalized.  On Saturday night, after doing the land initiative at the Cherokee “center of the world” monument and the Georgia Guidestones, and with a strong witness of the Lord to proceed, Apostle Benefiel pronounced the judgment by decree from the court of heaven.  This was followed by a “remarriage - or re-covenanting” of the Church to the Lord Jesus Christ by partaking of communion led by Jacquie Tyre.
As a part of this decree and re-covenant time, an exhortation came forth for the Church and especially leaders, to secure covenant relationships, especially marriage and family.  The Lord is requiring that we guard and protect covenant relationships and that no room be given for the Baal structures to infiltrate and bring condemnation upon the Body of Christ in this season.
Declarations and decrees for the release of rain to bring full breaking of the reproach of the drought from off the Southeast Region were released.  Rain was called forth from the North, the South, the East, and the West - the wind, rain, and floods as a sign that the drought has been broken in the mighty name of Jesus. 
Note: As of this writing, the state of Georgia has moved out of any area of the state being in the most extreme drought conditions (D4) to none of the state being in D4 and only 3.2% in D3.  The Southeast has likewise seen dramatic improvements, with none of the Southeast in Category D4 drought and less than 5% in Category D3.  Near the end of 2007, that percentage was over 36% at D4 drought, the most severe condition. The following pictures tell the story.

Impartation & Blessing
On Saturday night, Apostle Diane Buker, founder of Battleaxe Brigade Ministries, released a word over GAPN, from Psalm 18.  She declared that the Lord was confirming these verses over us as our portion and security for all that had been, and would yet be accomplished over the region. Later in the evening, Apostle John Benefiel led the visiting apostolic team to minister impartations over Apostle Jacquie Tyre, in what turned into a fresh commissioning into the purposes of God for the days ahead.  The following transcription is included for continued intercession as we advance together.
Apostle John Benefiel: We thank you that Apostle Jacquie Tyre stands here as Your representative for this state of  Georgia and this region. We charge you, Apostle Jacquie Tyre, and all the people you lead, and all the people in this state and in this region, not only to maintain the victory that has been declared and won here tonight, but to expand and extend the Kingdom of God wherever you go. In the name of Jesus.  We thank you, Lord, that have mantled her with a fresh new anointing, not just her, but all of us here have received a fresh anointing as ones married to the Lord Jesus Christ and having rights to make our declarations and petitions.
Apostle Diane Buker:  I am going to speak and do what I feel impinged upon by the Holy Spirit: God sent me overt of the state of Florida for many, many years and He chose that my heart would belong to the state of Florida.  And because of by His grace He found me faithful, He increased my territory to the eight states of the Southeast Region; and He choose that my heart would belong to those eight states for many years.  And, by His grace He found my heart to be faithful, He set me as a part of a team over 50 states across our nation, and I sat as an apostle over those state for a number of years, and continue to sit -- not under the framework of what men have put together, but under the framework of what God has designated as regions across this nation. I speak as an apostle of the Lord, thus saith the Lord, “Daughter, I set in your hands the Southeast Region of the United States of America. I declare that, not from standing here, I declare it from heaven.  And, I am simply going to touch your shoulders with the sword, not because we have seen it done before, for no other reason than that’s the Lord has told me do.  The sword of the Lord - His very Word.  Let none of us make any mistake  here tonight that Diane Buker, or John Benefiel, or the Swallows or any other man have designated this increase in Jacquie’s life. I, for one, would fear God that it would be spoken of that I did anything here tonight.  Let it be known that it is the mandate of the Word of God that brings increase and promotion.  Apostle John (Laying on of sword): I do so by Christ & the authority given to me. Thank you  that heaven affirms this, I thank you Lord for this new mantle and new authority that you have placed upon Jacquie and upon the people here to reign and rule as kings in life i by Jesus Christ.  Kings to rule over this territory to take it back and to extend the Kingdom of God.  We declare it now, in Jesus Name. 
Apostle Billy Joe & Ruthie Young (MS): Father, we thank you for our sister, our partner, in this work you have called us to put our hands to.  I thank you for where you have placed Jacquie, where you have undergirded her, strengthened her and given her favor. Thank you for the anointing that is on her life.  We recognize where you have placed her and called her to – and we agree and we say yes and amen.  Father, we agree that the SE region is one and that we labor as one to see this region come into the fullness of that God has called us to see it be in Jesus name. (Ruthie):  I felt like the Lord said, Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will lift you up. – He has extended your sphere of authority because He has seen the humility that is found in your heart.  So, we call forth that.  We say, step up because He sees your heart and it is by His hand.  We speak on behalf of the state of Mississippi that we are joined with Georgia, we are joined with the SE region, and we will walk as warriors together as we see God’s hand move in this territory.  We will see and we are seeing the Kingdom of our God come in this region and in our states. 
Apostle Negiel Bigpond: One of the we are living in a time and area where all the land east of the Mississippi is a justice gate.  What has happened here tonight is that God is bringing unity between states and counties and leaders.  It has to happen before Justice can be released.  It is coming.  It has to be. Where covenant is being restored.  Where marriages are mended, brothers and sisters coming together as one.  The Lord is saying to you, Jaacquie, I have set a huge heart in you and I, God, am mending your heart.  I’m covering it with grace and mercy, I’m establishing it in togetherness, and I’m releasing it in love that will overcome and succumb all things in your life – in home, children, marriage, people around you.  God says, I will guard you so that you can be free as an eagle that rides the wind of God.  So, Father, we release this into this daughter that Father, that no one would look at her as insignificant, but as precious in the sight of God so that when she walks and when she speaks, when she hears and when she sees, they would know that this is of God – this is you, Lord.  Open up the gates, O God, open up the gates of justice for the year of the eagle is being renewed.  The prophetic flow is flowing in the land of many waters.

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